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With just one reservationThe 8-seater Toyota Noah can be used for free, and you can enjoy your favorite activities at any time, from fishing boats, surfing, snorkeling, sea kayaking to barbecue dinners! All the tools and equipment necessary to fully enjoy Amami Oshima are available, and professionals who are skilled guides will firmly support you. After arriving at Amami Tsuri Club, we will propose the activity that fit perfectly for the conditions of weather, wind, and tide.
Living room
You can spend a luxurious time only for your customers without worrying about the surroundings, such as planning tomorrow's fishing, talking while listening to the sound of the waves, while drinking brown sugar shochu in the spacious living room.
Guest room
Worcation Designers VILLA
Fully chartered wooden one-story house with car
Hanger hanging / storage space available
There is a parking space on the premises (for 8 cars)
Indoor shower / Outdoor shower
Full range of cooking utensils / microwave oven, gas stove, rice cooker, commercial coffee maker available
Bath towel / Face towel / Available
There is an indoor washing machine (gas dryer in a separate building)
There are 4 rooms with 15 tatami mats in the living room and 6 tatami mats in each bedroom.
All rooms are equipped with air conditioner with total heat exchanger
Snorkel set / cooler box / leisure sheet available
Full-scale commercial BBQ set (with tongs) available (with outdoor washroom)
There is a wooden deck with a great sense of openness
There is a Bluetooth speaker
TV / Apple TV available
Fishing is fun! It's delicious to eat!

The Ships

Ningyo Maru

Total length 29 feet 115 horsepower outboard motor Yamaha GPS. Fishfinder, anchor winch, toilet, pole stand, rod holder for feeding fishing, Ikes, gas stove complete

Pearl Habor

Overall length 32 feet 3.7 tons Outboard motor 250 horsepower Detecting circle complete Smartphone interlocking type


We, who love fishing, surfing and the sea, will welcome you from the bottom of our hearts. Amami Tsuri Club is waiting for you to prepare a comfortable space that you can think of as "Amami's house that you want to come back again". If you have any questions or requests during your stay, please feel free to contact us. It's a group of inns a day for that!
Tooru san
Born September 20, 1972
From Aichi
Blood Type B
30 years of fishing and 20 years of surfing history
Aki san
Born September 20, 1976
From Tokyo
Blood Type B
15 years of surfing history
Room information
2:00 AM 〜 9:00 PM
Minimum stay
1 day
10:00 AM
Maximum stay
30 days
Hotels and Inns Business Act
指令名保 第13号の6
Additional person charge
If the number of guests is 13 or more, the following additional charges will be incurred.
+ ¥ 3,000 / night for each additional person
House rules
no smoking
(External wooden deck smoking space)
No pets
No parties or events
Check-in: 2:00 PM
Checkout: 10:00 AM
・ Indoor shoes are strictly prohibited.
・ Smoking outdoor is allowed. (Please bring a portable ashtray.)
・ It is prohibited to take out equipment.
・ Be careful not to forget to extinguish the fire when handling fireworks and BBQ.
・ Please spend the night quietly so as not to bother the neighbors in the village.
・ Please do not forget to lock the key after closing all windows when checking out.
・ Please wash the kitchen utensils after use.

Boat Activities Menu

🐬 Ryugu Castle Snorkel & Fishing Experience Tour

★ Ryugu Castle Snorkel Contents ★
Guide to the secret snorkel point "Ryugu Castle" that can only be reached by ship.
★ Fishing experience content ★
Aim for fish near the seabed by feeding a little offshore (water depth 20m-40m) from the snorkel point
★ Fish species that can be caught ★
Parupeneus multifatus, stephanolepis, blacktip grouper, white dai, lethrinidae, etc.
Adult ¥28.000 ~12 years old ¥18.000
(A tour only for Ryugu Castle snorkel is also possible! Adult ¥13.200 Childrem ¥8.800 )

🐬 Family fishing tour

Even beginners can enjoy boat fishing safely and easily.
★ Family fishing content ★
About 20 minutes offshore from the port
Aim for fish in the reef zone near the seabed by fishing and feeding at the point (water depth 30m-50m)
Fish species that can be caught
Blacktip grouper, yellow-edged lyre, yellow-edged lyre, coral grouper, white-tailed lyre, blacktip grouper, himeji, stephanolepis, etc.
Adults ¥15.000 ~12 years old ¥12.000

☆ Trolling tour at a World Heritage Site

★ Trolling content ★
When cruising with a lure while looking at Amami Oshima, a World Heritage Site, fish eaters attack the artificial bait.
※ Fish species that bite
Bluefin trevally, yellowfin tuna, great barracuda, needlefish, green toolfish, bluefin trevally, giant trevally, leopard coral group, etc.
Adult ¥45.000 ~12 years old ¥35.000

☆ Inshore jigging tour

★ Jigging content ★
Aim at the point of depth 50m-120m in the reef zone of the sea near Amami centering on root fish High pitch, slow pitch, anything can be guided, please bring tackle, jig, etc.
※ Fish species that can be caught
Longfin yellowtail, leopard coral group, taman, blue pine, yellow-edged lyre, bluefin trevally, striped jack, etc.
Price ¥35.000~¥45.000

★ Big game fishing light course

5 Hours

★ Light course content ★
It will be a swim fishing of the decapterus at the point that is a natural fishing reef in the sea near Amami Oshima.

Price Adults ¥45.000 Childrem ¥35.000

★ Big game fishing Gutsli course

9 Hours

★ Gutsli course contents ★
Run a boat from Amami Oshima and swim around Kikaijima for about 1 hour and 40 minutes Fishing for decapterus In addition to Kikaijima, there are secret first-class points, so it will be random depending on the time. Only 1 to 3 people can board.
A set of big-game fishing equipment, tackles, gimmicks, all are the price of Komi Komi

Price Adult ¥65.000 Childrem ¥55.000

※Fish species that can be caught
GT 10 kg to 50 kg, sailfish 20 kg to 40 kg, dogtooth tuna 10 kg to 40 kg, leopard coral group, grouper, green toolfish, red emperor, lethrinidae, rainbow runner, yellowfin tuna, etc.
The points and fish species you aim for differ depending on the season, so please contact the captain in advance!
Amami Tsuri Club Captain Toru Utsunomiya 090-9575-0880
Amami Fishing Club
3323-1 Tehanabe, Kasari-cho, Amami-shi, Kagoshima
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